A walk down any street in New York City and you will most likely see food carts selling bagels, hot dogs, or halal meat on skewers. That reality is a dream here in Chicago where food carts are illegal. Much like food trucks, food carts face an uphill legal battle with the city. A city ordinance to allow food carts is up for a vote on September 24th. Before it goes up for a vote in the city council it has to pass out of the licensing committee, which meets on the 16th. The Illinois Policy Institute with the Institute for Justice is organizing a rally to coincide with this meeting. Here are the details:

A rally for food-cart vendors and supporters will be held at 10:30 a.m. CST Wednesday, Sept. 16, in the second-floor lobby at City Hall. Food-cart vendors and Alderman Roberto Maldonado – the primary sponsor of the bill – as well as Illinois Policy Institute experts, will be available for interview and comment.

More info: Wear white to show your support for food carts! The Chicago Committee on License and Consumer Protection will be voting on an ordinance to legalize food carts at its 11 a.m. meeting. If they vote “yes,” the ordinance will move one step closer to passing — City Council will vote on the measure at its meeting on Sept. 24.

Help us show Chicago aldermen that Chicagoans want food carts!

Here is a recent article about this topic: http://chicago.suntimes.com/opinion/7/71/952913/opinion-chicagoans-hungry-food-carts