Let’s say you want a Doughnut Vault doughnut but there’s a line 30 people deep at the store at 401 ½ N. Franklin. What do you do? Well, you look for the Doughnut Vault food truck obviously. But wait, they’re on Clark and Monroe, which is no where near where’s you’re at. Or let’s just say you want to pay with a credit card (which the Doughnut Vault does not take). Well I have the solution.

Dillman’s (another Brendan Sodikoff restaurant and just down the street from Doughnut Vault at 354 West Hubbard) carrys Doughnut Vault donuts, and there’s usually no line, and they have other pastries and bagels, and they take credit cards! Win!

Only downside, coffee is more expensive (not 1.00 a cup like it is at the DV).