For the most part, when I’m not eating an occasional donut from The Doughtnut Vault or a sandwich from The Fat Shallot, I try to stick to a paleo-ish diet (my version of paleo includes small amounts of rice, potatoes, ancient grains, legumes, and booze, but I try to avoid processed foods, including anything made with soy or wheat flour, dairy, and sugar). Translating this diet to food trucks can be difficult (especially since most food trucks have some version of meat/veggies contained within some kind of grain-based bread/tortilla/empanada/bun etc.), but here are some options that I’ve found are satisfying and delicious:

  1. The Big Shish is the best food truck for paleo-ish food. I really like their grilled steak platter. To stay truly paleo: ask for “no pita, no bulgur, and extra grilled veggies instead of the salad option”. The meat is marinated in balsamic vinegar. I haven’t seen them since early December, so they might be in hibernation…
  2. Windy City Patty Wagon – Get their ½ pound burger, minus bun and cheese, with bacon and chipotle mayonnaise (yeah, the adobe sauce probably has sugar in it, but it’s worth it). I usually get the bun but don’t eat it, since the burger is served in a pretty thin cardboard box, and the bun usually soaks up some of the juices so the box doesn’t get juicy.
  3. La Adelita – Calabacitas. This is a vegetarian entree that is basically sautéed squash and other vegetables with mexican herbs and spices (this dish has corn in it, which true paleo dieters don’t eat). Comes with beans and rice (I know these are not technically paleo either, but I eat them any way since they don’t affect me too negatively). Also, try the Ghost Beef platter or the Texas Chili when he actually has it on the menu.
  4. The Jibarito Stop – Bisteca en salsa – steak in a salsa. Served with rice.
  5. Jerk – The Jerk chicken, minus the bread and fritters.
  6. Husky Hog BBQ’s brisket chili is delicious. Ask for no muffin (or give it to your coworker like I do) and no cheese. Also, get the collards as a side. You can also get their brisket without a bun. It’s about 5oz., which isn’t a huge portion but it’s doable (I find the chili to be a better portion for the same price).
  7. Meatloaf-a-go-go – Yentl Lentl – This is a black-bean based meatloaf cupcake with black beans and veggies (no meat or gluten).
  8. Caponies Express – The grilled chicken salad, minus the blue cheese. This is a pretty conventional salad. I’m not sure the dressing is compliant, but I usually carry around a bottle of olive oil-based vinaigrette with me.